GrowAsis Urban Garden Consultant, Inc. provides vegetable garden consulting services on sustainable practices.   These workshops are offered at different times of the calendar year to provide continuous year round service.  GrowAsis recognizes that garden work requires planning and knowledge before, during and after the growing season therefore we offer specialized consultation services that meet the needs of its customers and the land.  The services are divided into three categories- specialized consulting, on-site garden consultations and educational workshops. Grow and secure your food, contact us today to set up a consultation to start your vegetable oasis.

Specialized consulting gives insight on particular sustainable practices that caters to the needs of your garden. Fees start at $175. The following consultations are offered: 

Seed selection: assistance in crop selection, advising clients on heirloom and/or hybrid seeds, advice on seed type and seed saving methods.

Planting/harvest times: advising on when to plant and harvest crops

Vermiculture Composting: explanation on the importance of worms and the importance of vermiculture composting in your garden oasis

Companion planting: advice on what vegetables, herbs and flowers are beneficial to each other in a garden

Maintenance:  demonstrating garden cultivation through recommendations on how to maintain a garden from seed germination to putting it to bed at the end of the growing season 

Organic pest management: advice on what organic practices to use that are sustainable in removing pests and will not harm vegetables growing in the garden