Spring: More than Just a Season

Spring is my season.  I was born in spring, my new year as a grower starts in spring, I receive a charge in spring after living through the cold, dreary winter months.  I claim it as my season just as much as it claims me as its participant.  The feeling of being alive, the smell of sprouting vegetation and witnessing new offspring of Mother Nature's creatures-these are some of the things I love about spring.  This season represents so much more than these things I have stated; I write this blog piece to give honor to the spring season and my observations of what it encompasses.  This is my season.

Spring-More than a Season

Spring is more than a season during the Gregorian calendar, it is a time of equality, especially in the realm of sustainable food cultivation.  It is when earth's dormancy ends and land preparation begins for anticipated harvest while preparing ourselves for another adventurous full cycle in the soil.  It is equinox (when day and night are of equal length between September 22 and March 21), fertility of the soil begins and it all represents the New Year for some of us land cultivators.  Biological cycles within the land complete and end at the same time in Spring, the slate is clean and things are in balance.  A calendar does not determine what and when spring is...the nature of the land does.

Spring and the April Pink Moon

The land is not the only entity that represents the season of spring.  The lunar cycles of the moon has a say as well.  On April 11, 2017, the annual Pink moon made its appearance as the full moon for the month.  Although it is not literally pink in color this, it does symbolize things on a spiritual and physical level for the land and people, such as new beginnings signifying what spring is about.  Brandi Neal shares an on-line article on Bustle.com about different meanings of this moon. To some indigenous Native American tribes, the Pink moon is recognized as the time when the pink phlox flowers and other wildflowers bloom during this time in nature; some call it the Waking Moon for the end of animal hibernation.  No matter its name, this moon is the notice that the spring season has officially arrived.

The Spring for Me

Spring is my pep rally for the upcoming growing season, it is a crucial point in my life cycle.  It is the torch that lights me so I am ready to plant non-GMO vegetable seeds with my soil-caked hands, cultivate healing vegetables, while gladly giving my blood sweat and tears as I work the land.  I feel I have physically reconnected with the land in this season of new beginnings.  I kneel to give thanks for the opportunity to co-steward with Mother Nature one more year; I burn sage to clear negative energy off the soil, off myself and welcome positive energy for a fruitful harvest. This act is sacred, it is necessary, it is honorable.  Like the rest of nature, I am budding, flowering and have come into the vernal season...my life cycle is renewed.


What does Spring mean to you?  How do you welcome it as a gardener? How do you welcome it as a non-gardener? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings.  Happy Spring!!!

 Photo by amenic181/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by amenic181/iStock / Getty Images