Going into 2017...

      2016 has come to an end.  There has been a lot of reflection concerning the events of this rotation around the sun. As an earth stewardess I remember the internal and external factors that influenced my work during the rotation.  The U.S. presidential election, numerous supermoons, the potential corporate mergers (Monsanto and Bayer), and destruction of indigenous communities (Standing Rock and Flint water issues) have impacted my work in sustainable farming this year.  Some may look at these factors as challenges or negativities, but I see them as catalysts.  Going into 2017, these factors have all driven me to prepare as I continue to understand my role as a female urban farmer that provides while acknowledging my bloodline of indigenous land people.  2016 has ended and it has been an influential catalyst

      This past year has forced me to do some detailed exploration of myself. I have been provoked to ask questions of myself such as: Am I doing enough? How can I be part of the solutions?  Why am I contributing to the problems?  What did my ancestors do in times like these?  The answers to these questions led me back to the power of my hands and knowledge in the soil.  Knowing and practicing my capabilities to grow food, homestead and prepare are symbolic of my confidence in the past as well as the upcoming year.  In order to adjust to the new year, I also acknowledge that I must continue to learn more and improve my land cultivation skills. 2017 is as good a time as any to expand on indigenous growing methods and increase my garden education outreach with GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc.  Before, during and after political chaos, mainstream static, and capitalistic dominance sustaintable food cultivation is what I have done, do and will do.  

        I think about those people who express questions with feelings of hopelessness and no reassurance of 2017.  I notice a lot of these people are concerned about political power along with entities that have authority over resources that directly affect necessities such as food and water.  I encourage those people to pay attention and prepare no matter who may have authority.  In November 2016 I made a short video  sharing my outlook on the new changes associated with the U.S. presidential election; I also state the importance of sustainability and taking action.   The video has been created to encourage people to take action because no one should be deprived of their right and ability to sustain despite the politics which strive to completely dominate the food system.  I anticipate 2017 to be the year people are impactful with creation of their own sustainable food and stop consuming hopelessness and fear fed by the political system.

      I remember that there is nothing new under the sun 2016 has forced me to acknowledge that those before us have gone through the same if not worse conditions we are going through now.  And guess what...they overcame it all otherwise we would not be here now.  There are indigenous elders who have practiced ancient methods of food cultivation and sustainability which kept them despite the hardships related to dominance and exploitation in mainstream society. I believe what they went through is preparation and means to ease the brashness for what we are experiencing now.  In 2017, I urge you to understand there is nothing new under the sun, take action and prepare when it comes to food sustainability so that those who come after us are protected.