Goodness of Pickles: Food security, Vegetable gardening & Health at Best

Pickles: The Favorite Classic Snack

          Pickles are any thing of food that is preserved in vinegar or brine.   Garden vegetable or fruit can be pickled, I witness people expressing their undying love for the classic snack of pickled cucumbers.  Okra, onions and tomatoes are just a few of many garden crops that are preserved in unique brines of different spices.  It is considered comfort food consumed all year round that is put on sandwiches, salads and even cooked vegetables such as collard greens (like a homemade cha-cha).  Sweet, hot, spicy, sour and garlicky are just some of the flavored brines this classic snack can be preserved in.

Pickles: A Means of Food Security

          Pickles are a simple and tasty way to practice personal food security.  Expert gardeners like myself recognize that at the end of growing season, vegetable garden surplus can result in delicious pickles to last all year round.  Sustainable preservation of homegrown vegetables by a fermenation process provides a long, healthy shelf life of food without chemicals or additives which means access to healthier foods.  There is a plethora of information on how to make homemade pickles anytime of the year; is an excellent website that guides beginner and experienced food preservationist. Pickling reduces waste of unwanted vegetables while providing a personal supply of fermented foods. Pickled vegetables are a tasty way to secure your food.

Pickle Me This Pickles

          Pickle Me This Pickles is a seasonal product line of my Chicago based business GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc. that I have created to promote food security and sustainable healthy eating.  The featured vegetables are locally grown, freshly harvested, non-GMO green cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pole beans and red onion. They are fermented in a brine of white vinegar, filtered water, garlic, fresh dill sprigs or seeds, whole peppercorn seeds and kosher salt.  The vegetables are preserved in the brine for a month before consumption so the flavors can be captured in each bite. The pickles are available in pint and quart size jars of mild or hot flavor ready for purchase at the Healthy Food Hub market in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood.  When the pickles are done the brine can be used as a probiotic for good gut health due to healthy microorganisms of the fermentation process of the vegetables.  Learn about the many health benefits of pickled foods from an article by  Pickle Me This pickles are an excellent way to enjoy locally grown pickled vegetables created for tasty sustainable healthy eating.  

What Are Your Thoughts?

It is anticipated that this blog post gives you the reader a better understanding of a pickle, food security and healthier eating.  What are your thoughts on vegetable pickles? Do you preserve your garden vegetables?  If not, would you like to learn how?  Are you interested in purchasing Pickle Me This pickles, if so email at for an order of pickles.  Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below.

 Pickle Me This zucchini and green cherry tomatoes. Source: GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc.  

Pickle Me This zucchini and green cherry tomatoes. Source: GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc.