Seasons & the Moon: The Guides of My Urban Gardening Life

Change in Seasons

"...and the seasons know exactly when to change..." These are some lyrics from Stevie Wonder's epic song As which is a favorite and classic song I play often.  As an urban gardener, it is my job to pay attention to the change in seasons because they let me know what to do and when to do it in order to cultivate vegetables.  Living in the urban setting of Chicago makes it challenging for me to connect with nature due to the long distance I have from rural land, so I use the seasons as my guide to stay connected.  I choose to eat, plant, grow and harvest according to Mother Nature's statements of change throughout the year, I have always known to do it that way.  As I work with nature during the seasons in the garden, I also take note of the lunar cycles, natural disasters and my own personal ebb and flow- I believe they all connect because I know they all come from the same natural Source.  The changing of seasons is one of the best indicators I use to help me in sustainable food cultivation.

Falling for Autumn

This year I have paid very close attention to the autumn season, and how it influences my garden work.  Although this season marks the conclusion of outdoor gardening, I notice the how the unseasonably warm temperatures have prolonged the growth of certain crops.   But I am not ignorant of what is to come, I anticipate decreased temperatures, blustering Chicago wind,  and delicious soups made with harvested vegetables from my garden.  Autumn is when I prepare the gardens for their 'bed time', the dormancy that awaits in the winter season.  While pulling up remnants of crops and preparing the soil for spring planting, I think about all the yields of produce to come in the next growing season.  Then I am encouraged to create garden plans and my spirit welcomes the fall season with all its events.  

The Fall Moon's Impact on Me

I notice how the moon has impact on my being and the garden work I do just as much as the sun does.  Every 32 months a Black Moon event occurs in the lunar cycle; the most recent Black Moon occurred this autumn on  September 30, 2016.  According to, a Black Moon is when a second new moon happens in one month and I recognize it as a potent phase of the lunar cycle this autumn season.  The moon has a powerful connection to the earth an its inhabitants as well as significance in food and land cultivation  (such as planting and harvesting).  Acknowledging that, I set intentions on this Black Moon to release things that no longer serve me and to receive all positive things to personally assist me and my business GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc.  Since setting my intentions, I have noticed increased sales of my company's homemade pickles, more requests for urban garden talks, and a greater positive energy in my life as a whole.  I am thankful for the moon's connection to the land I cultivate and its impact in my life.

Seasons and the Moon, What Is Your Opinion?

This specific blog piece is one that is a pleasure to share.  The change in seasons and the moon are some the best guides I use in my personal, spiritual and professional life as an urban gardener.    I know there are some gardeners who may agree and some who may disagree, but what are YOUR thoughts?  Are there some of you who recognize the significance of the seasons and lunar cycles in your garden practice?  Do you have interest in observing their impacts on your gardening?  Is it null and void to you or do acknowledge their roles?  Share you thoughts and opinions in the comment box below.