GrowAsis Urban Garden Consultant, Inc. provides vegetable garden consulting services and educational workshops on sustainable practices.   These entities are offered at different times of the calendar year to provide continuous year round service.  GrowAsis recognizes that garden work requires planning and knowledge before, during and after the growing season therefore we offer specialized services that meet the needs of its customers and the land.  The services are divided into three categories- specialized consulting, on-site garden consultations and educational workshops. Grow and secure your food, send an email today to set up a consultation and/or workshop for your vegetable oasis.

On-site consultations and evaluations are in-depth sessions (1½ to 2 hours long) with you and your garden.  The first part of the consultation involves you expressing concerns, desires and any questions about your existing garden or how to build your own vegetable oasis.  The second part involves the consultant doing garden analysis, taking photographs of the site and evaluating water and light accessibility.  The garden analysis consists of soil testing, tilth, plant health, investigation of pests in the garden site.


The analysis will be returned to you via email within 1-2 weeks after the consultation with a report detailing what was found and recommendations for your garden.  The purpose of the report is to guide and empower you on how to improve or create your garden.  GrowAsis is willing to provide services of maintenance or assist in the establishment of the garden at an additional fee but you are not obligated to use those services. Fee: $200